Lea Brennan
"The Entrance"

Review By Bill Bolton

You may have noticed that the front cover of our magazine says "Because even Yankees love country". Well this time around writing this cd review will be even sweeter knowing that I'm writing about one of our own.
After six years of performing with the now disbanded rock group Misled and releasing a rock/pop album "Passages" (1999), Connecticut's own singer/songwriter Lea Brennan is making some really sweet music of a different kind, traditional country.
Now before you start thinking that she is just another rocker trying her hand at crossover please note that Ms. Brennan has the awesome kind of voice that makes her perfect to sing any type of music. I really hate to compare artists to one another but incase you have never heard her sing, it might help you to get an idea of what she sounds like. Some folks say she sounds like Dolly Parton others say Stevie Nicks, I say Allison Krauss (Heaven's choir must be missing two angelic voices now). Like I said, this lady has the voice to do anything she wants to. I for one am glad she decided to try country.
Her new twelve track album "The Entrance" has some interesting facts about it. It was produced by songwriter / producer Scott Turner. Track #3 "Please Mr. Music Man" was co-written by Turner and WWII hero Audie Murphy. The fourth track "Where The Wild Things Run" was written by Brennan herself and is a more upbeat pop/country kind of song. Most of the album though is closer to traditional country with the fast moving "All of the Above" (the album's first single) and "Waiting For The Other Shoe To Fall" and the slower ballads "Sticks and Stones" and "You Made It Happen".
Lea's cd is in my player right now and is probably going to stay there for a long time. If you would like to order a copy of "The Entrance" you can get it online at cdbaby.com
Lea is planning to tour this spring /summer in support of this new album. If you would like to know where she will be or if you would like more info on this up and coming star, check out her website

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