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Amy Jo Johnson
Tuesday June 25, 2002
Paul Colby's The Bitter End
New York, New York
Story and photos by William Bolton

     It was one of those steamy hot days in NYC, the kind of day that just zaps the life right out of you. Some of us might like to think that performers are immune to such human difficulties but unfortunately they are not.

     Amy Jo Johnson has been one of my favorite actors for quite some time, so when I found out that she had released an album I was very excited to get it and catch one of her shows.
     It was one of those aforementioned steamy nights when I finally got my chance and walked in to the world famous Paul Colby's Bitter End in New York to see Amy Jo play. Right from the start Amy Jo admitted that she was not her usual self and between songs you could tell her heart wasn't in it. As for her voice and her music it was perfect. Even without her usual band behind her, Amy Jo played an enjoyable acoustic set that included some of her newly written songs as well as many from her self titled debut album.

     As a terrific bonus I got the chance to catch a couple of other up and coming acts both before and after Amy Jo's set.
Ari Scott was having a cd release party played piano as she sang songs from the new cd and some unreleased songs. Ari has a very beautiful voice and great stage presence.
     After Amy Jo came Dayna Blitz.     Dayna is an incredible performer who does a classic rock / pop / punk mix with knock you down power in her voice.

      Even though it wasn't all I'd hoped for, the evening still turned out ok and I can't wait to see all of these artists again, hopefully without the heat and humidity factor.

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