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Amy Jo Johnson
Amy Jo Johnson
Review by William Bolton

      Amy Jo Johnson is one of my favorite actors, so it’s only logical that when she released an album I had to have a copy. I started off thinking that my opinion may have been skewed by a rose colored headset but I soon found that I was truly enjoying this music without regard for who it was coming from.
      Amy Jo writes her own songs and even though they reach the higher art form that I’m sure she is shooting for, many of them could do quite well on the charts as well. The tracks on her self titled debut album range from ballads to classic rock style power. A couple of my favorites are “Purple Skies” and “Cat In The Snow”
      Amy Jo’s diminutive stature belies the incredible power in her voice. She has immense talent and it shows that her music is made for the love of it without the necessity of fabrication for mere profit.

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