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Bryan Frasher
Sunday August 5th Franklin County Fair Malone, New York
Interview by William Bolton and Neil "Montana" Tremblay

      We first met Bryan at Indian Ranch in Webster Mass. when we interviewed Tanya Tucker. Knowing that Byran was very talented and that he had a new album out we wanted to interview him first chance we got. That chance come in Malone, New York.

C.C.C.: It is very interesting that you are not only in Tanya`s band, but are also her road manager. Tell us how all this came together.

Bryan: I first started working with Tanya about six years ago. I had just arrived in Nashville from Los Angeles. I was raised in West Virginia but had moved to Los Angeles. I have dgree in music I`ve studied it all my life. When I arrived in Nshville I was looking for any gig I could get I needed to make money. I started off as crew and was promoted to stage manager. I learned each job from the people who had done it before me. I was then offered a spot as Tanya`s Acoustic guitar player, singer and background singer. I was happy to have a foot in the door. I worked in my previous capacities and was later offered the job of road manager.

C.C.C.: Are you on a label?

Bryan: I have my own label. The name of the record label is Little Edison Records.

C.C.C.: What is the title of your new album?

Bryan: Bryan Frasher

C.C.C.: When will it be out?

Bryan: The single Drive On is on the radio now. And the album will be released in August in limited areas.

C.C.C.: You seem to already have a good following, are you on the net?

Bryan: Yes.

C.C.C.: Do you already have a fan club?

Bryan: No I do not have a fan club yet but I do have a email list on the website.

C.C.C.: When will you start touring on your own?

Bryan: Hopefully, this fall I will tour on my own working around my dates with Tanya. I have one date solidly booked at the Bluebird cafť in Nashville on October 21st. I have a commitment to Tanya and want to make sure sheís well taken care of. She has asked me if I would open shows for her and it might start happening.

C.C.C.: How would you describe your album/style?

Bryan: Country, earthy, honest, country. I donít feel bound to any stereotypical country sound. Itís just the way I do music. I want to make an album that you can put in your car cd player and listen to it first song to last and like each one.

C.C.C.: Who are your brightest influences?

Bryan: I have a diverse musical background. I have a degree in classical music, but I grew up listening to bluegrass. I have allot of bluegrass influences, Ralph Stanley was one of the biggest. I also have some more modern influences such as Steve Earle and Shawn Colvin.

C.C.C.: Who do you listen to?

Bryan: I listen to just about everything.

C.C.C.: Do you like other genre of music?

Bryan: I like all kinds of music.

C.C.C.: How do you feel about pop crossover or even now rap crossover?

Bryan: I like music that is good, honest and powerful. Just like country music, rap when itís done right talks about real life and is powerful. Country/pop however is often sugar coated and watered down. Iíd say just be honest as an artist and do what you do.

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