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Jenny Paquette
Sunday August 19th, 2001 Indian Ranch Webster , Massachusetts
Interview by William Bolton

     I happened to find out about this lovely and talented lady while looking at a website for a fair that we will be covering a show at later in the year. I was interested so I went to her website. There I found out that her voice was just as lovely, so I was really anxious to photograph and review one of her shows and possibly even arrange an interview. I emailed her email link on her site but got no response. I figured I would just have to try at a show. Then I found that she would be opening for The Charlie Daniels Band at Indian Ranch on August 19th. I wanted to cover them too, so this seemed perfect.

     At the show I was introduced to Jenny's Mother Sue who is handling Jenny's publicity. Sue who is a very nice lady, arranged for me meet with Jenny after the show. Because I was not expecting to do this interview, it is rather short and the questions may not be as well thought out as I would have liked, but I say when you get an opportunity, go for it.

C.C.C.: You said during your show that you will be moving to Nashville soon. Are you headed to a specific label?

Jenny: No, we are just going to get down there and start getting my music out to some record companies.

C.C.C.: Do you have offers from any labels yet?

Jenny: No, I have had some management offers in the past, but none of them felt right. Right now I feel very comfortable with the people I am working with.

C.C.C.: How long have you been performing?

Jenny: This is the fourth year that the band has been together. As for me I have been singing since I was about ten years old.

C.C.C.: Who are your influences?

Jenny: Martina McBride and Aretha Franklin

C.C.C.: Who do you listen to right now?

Jenny: Jamie O'Neal, Sara Evans and Martina

C.C.C.: What are your two favorite colors?

Jenny: Black and white

C.C.C.: Since you are from Maine I gotta ask. Do you like hockey?

Jenny: Yes, I like the Boston Bruins. It was really great to see Ray Bourque win the Stanley Cup this year. It's just sad that he didn't do it with the Bruins.

C.C.C.: Can we expect to see you back touring in New England soon?

Jenny: Yes as a matter of fact I think we have already booked some shows for next year.

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