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Monday September 18, 2000 The Big E West Springfield, Massachusetts
Interview by William Bolton

Between shows at The Big E I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with the three members of Lace and ask them some questions. It was a surprise chance to do these interviews so I was ill prepared, but these very sweet ladies got me through it just fine. I only hope that I got it all right, if not feel free to mail me and I'll fix it.

Beverley Mahood

CCC: Are you still going to peruse your solo career or are you going to focus on Lace?

Beverley: I am going to do both. They are very different and I enjoy both alot.

CCC: So when can we expect something new from you and / or Lace?

Beverley: Lace will be releasing a video for the single "Cry Real Tears" soon, then a Lace and a solo album will follow next year.

CCC: What do you say to the people who say "now every label wants a Dixie Chicks".

Beverley: I think that we are very different and we have been around longer anyway, it just took us longer to get our albums out.

CCC: Do you like hockey?

Beverley: Yes I love hockey, as a matter of fact I've been on "Off the Record" Canada's version of ESPN several times talking about it and I now catch games in Nashville.

CCC: Who's your team?

Beverley: The Maple Leafs

CCC: Is this stop in Springfield part of a tour?

Beverley: Yes, a short tour in the U.S. and then back to Canada.

CCC: Your biography on the Lace website says when you met your producer for the first time you sang songs by Madonna and songs by Patsy Cline. What made you choose country?

Beverley: When I was younger I was more into pop, but now I'm singing country. I love music and am happy to be singing it.

CCC: What do you think about people wanting autographs?

Beverley: I think it's pretty amazing when you can do something you love to do and then people ask you for an autograph after.

CCC: Are you single?

Beverley: Yes, I'm too busy getting everything I want to do done to look for a relationship.


CCC: What's your answer to people who say "now every label wants a Dixie Chicks"?

Giselle: I really don't think that artists worry about what each other are doing, why should other people? Just enjoy it all.

CCC: Do you like hockey?

Giselle: Yes, I don't follow it very closely, but I love to watch it live.

CCC: Who is your team?

Giselle: The Maple Leafs

CCC: Who was your biggest influence?

Giselle: Patsy Cline

CCC: Are you single?

Giselle: Yes, I take my career very seriously and I have a five-year-old daughter to raise so I don't have time for much else.

Stacy Lee

CCC: How hard of an adjustment was it coming in and replacing a former member of the group?

Stacy Lee: Not hard at all, we all are friends and have worked together before anyway.

CCC: The biography section of the Lace website doesn't have you in it yet, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Stacy Lee: Sure, I grew up in a small town just outside of Niagara Falls. I did allot of musical theater. I went to University and got a B.A. in communications/modern French. While there I did allot of studio background vocals and met the other members of Lace.

CCC: Are you still going to put out a solo album?

Stacy Lee: Yes, its in the works but weve been very busy. I write my own songs so it takes time.

CCC: What do you say to people who say "now every label wants it's own Dixie Chicks"?

Stacy Lee: We love the Dixie Chicks but we're three females and they're three females and the similarity stops there.

CCC: Are you single?

Stacy Lee: No, I have a very committed relationship. My boyfriend is a fiddle player who works with several different bands.

CCC: Do you like hockey?

Stacy Lee: Yes, I love hockey.

CCC: Who's your team?

Stacy Lee: Well the Maple Leafs now, but, growing up a watched alot of the Buffalo Sabers

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