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Lea Brennan
Saturday September 8th 2001 at Borders Books and Music Albany, New York
Story by William Bolton

     I've been waiting to cover this up and coming artist for quite some time. I kept in touch with her management and watched her website looking for a chance. When the time finally came though I was a little apprehensive. Lea was to be playing at a Borders Books and Music. I thought what the heck kinda concert are you gonna have at a bookstore? Well I am happy to report that my fears were for not. The Coffee shop / Espresso bar inside the bookstore made for a wonderful, casual, intimate setting for a small show.

     Lea was joined by three very talented people, two guitarist (one of whom also did a wonderful job on the dobro) and a harmony singer whose lovely voice perfectly complimented Lea's Allison Krauss meets Stevie Nicks sound.

     The first of two sets was primarily a play thru of Lea's second album (first country album) The Entrance. The second set contained a few of her songs but was heavier with covers / tributes to other artists including Patsy Cline and James Taylor. Lea also did a nice job of engaging the crowd with stories and jokes along the way and made herself available for fans who wished to speak with her after the show.

      All in all this was a very entertaining evening. I personally think Lea is awesome and you should definitely check out her albums and / or try to see her live. Also any time you get a chance to see a show held at a Borders do yourself a favor and do so, it's really cool!!

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