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Trick Pony
Monday September 3rd 2001 at The Vermont State Fair Rutland, Vermont
Story and Photos by William Bolton

      You can usually tell what band is hot by listening to bands who play cover songs. If this statement is true then this incredible trio known as Trick Pony is on fire.

      Everywhere you go you can hear their mega-hit Pour Me being imitated and emulated.


      We got a double dose of the real deal though tonight as they both opened and closed the show with this song. They did a set basically playing thru their self-titled debut Warner Brothers-Nashville release.

      Also include in the price of admission was a good amount of comedy, a terrific Stevie Nicks imitation / cover, a "not real believable yet funny" imitation of Johnny Cash, and a jam session that any fan or musician of any genre of music would have loved.

      The crowd was horrifically small, making one wonder if people just don't realize yet just how awesome this band really is.

      Even more impressive than their performance on stage was that Ira, Heidi and Keith all stayed and signed autographs and took pictures with fans until everyone had everything they wanted. I truly hope that this band can continue to deliver superstar quality and keep the loveable down to earth attitude that all three of them seem to posses.

     Doing a very nice job of getting the crowd warmed up was local band Young Country. This group did a set primarily of cover tunes, with many members taking turns showing off some wonderful musical talents.

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