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Montgomery Gentry
Wednesday August 16 2000 Delaware County Fair Walton, New York

Story By And Photos By William Bolton

There's a right way, a wrong way and a Montgomery Gentry way! Their way is high energy, no nonsense, kick ass country music! Eddie and Troy opened the show with their song "All Night Long", this song setting the mood. The song is about partying all night long and thatís what they did. They sang songs primarily from their Sony-Nashville album "Tattoos and Scars" all of which are great songs.

At times during the show Troy would walk through the crowd singing and shaking hands with fans. Eddie, always active on the stage, loves to play air guitar with his microphone stand that he holds throughout the show. They both interacted with the fans at the front of the stage, Troy tossing out several of his guitar pics and Eddie shaking hands. At one point Eddie took out a cigarette from a fan and smoked it while singing a Merle Haggard song. Eddie also sent a message to our government in Washington, reminding them of the importance of family run farms their song "Daddy Won't Sell The Farm". They remembered veterans with "Tattoos and Scars" and also let the government know that they would never give up their guns.

Montgomery / Gentry sings songs about things that have happened to them and that fans can relate to "Lonely and Gone really hit home with me. Songs that fans can relate to are what country music is all about. During the show they sang several cover songs, by musical greats such as Greg Allman, Merle Haggard, David Allen Cole, and Charlie Danials. If you like the music that America can truly call it's own, check out Montgomery / Gentry. Their new album soon, the date has not been announced as of yet. I have no doubts that it will be every bit as good as "Tattoos and Scars".

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