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Monday September 18, 2000 The Big E W. Springfield, Massachusetts
Story and photos by William Bolton

Performing a three p.m. show and an eight p.m. show for five consecutive days may seem like a lot of work but, it's just business as usual for the ultra-hard working band from Ontario, Canada known as Lace.

All of them doing both lead and harmonic vocals, Beverley Mahood, Giselle, and Stacy Lee took the stage. It was a very good crowd even though it was a Monday and those in attendance got to see a great show. The Ladies sang songs from their debut, Warner Brothers Records, self titled album including Their single "I want a Man" that is also a smash hit video receiving great air play on C.M.T. and another very upbeat possible single called "Texas Ranger".
They also treated us to cover songs from each of their individual "biggest influence artist" and also sang Beverley's single, the title track from her Spin Records release "Girl out of the Ordinary". During this song they called a lucky fan up on stage to sing and dance with them. The ladies were backed up by a very talented group of musicians playing steel guitar, Bass and lead guitar, keyboard, and drums.

After signing autographs for everyone who wanted to meet them and answering questions for a pesky reporter, they all prepared for and put on another terrific show at eight p.m., this time the show seemed even better probably because a nighttime show seems more magic.
This is definitely a band that you should try to get out and see and pick up their album. All three of these tremendously talented singer / songwriters are working on stuff for Lace as well as their own projects. Whether together or separate they are worth a listen.

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