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Harold Crosby

Harold crosby was born in a small town in Maine at an early age he showed a great intrest in music and started playing panio at the age of 7. And took up guitar at the age of 17.

Harold cut his first record at the age of 23. Since that time he has appeared all over the world and recorded for a number of labels in the United States and has releases on labels in Holland and England and the far east.

He now owns and operates Traveler Records,Cooter Bug Music(BMI). Harold is marreid to a lovely lady from Texas her name is Francis she helps run the company he has grown children and a number of granchildren.

Harold retired from the military and is a Viet Nam Vetrean he also holds a Bachlor of Arts Degree in music from Allison Broadhus College in West Va. Look for a review of Harolds new album The Traditional Train in our album review section.

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