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Jenny Paquette
See What You Do

Review by William Bolton

     This eleven track disc is the second album for Maine native Jenny Paquette.    See What You Do is a country album with allot of pop flavor and a sprinkle of gospel. There is a good mix of upbeat songs and ballads.

      Jenny's beautiful voice makes the entire album a joy to listen to but, I would have to say three of the songs stand out as having that heavy airplay kind of capability. The ballads One Tear Too Many and See What You Do are very nicely done and the upbeat Hug, Kiss and Smile has all of the hooks in place to be a potential hit.

      Jenny is moving to Nashville to attempt to bring her music to the next level.  I am convinced that very soon she will be attaining the same amount of success and acclaim on a national level as she did here in New England.

     If you would like more information about this artist or would like to purchase this album, check out her website.

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