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Jimmy "Blaze" Carello
Blaze 'n' Country
Review by William Bolton

      Emotional Impact are the two best words to describe the contents of this thirteen track debut offering from Rhode Island Singer / Songwriter Jimmy "Blaze" Carello .

      Beware, if you are not someone who likes to be touched by music. It is obvious that when this man sits down and puts pen to paper that he is expressing true feeling and not merely throwing out grist for the mill. The songs 3000 Miles Away and When a Parent Walks Away bring me to the point of tears each time I hear them and I can honestly say that doesn't happen to me all that often. Other songs express love and joy as well and the album has a good mix of both slow ballads and more upbeat songs. I'm Not Goin' Anywhere stands out as my personal favorite.

      This album is done in traditional country style and compliments his terrific voice very well. It is a must have for fans of this type of music.
Blaze is currently touring, so if at all possible get out to see him. He'll give you a great performance and being as down to earth as his music, he'll take the time to talk to you after the show. If you would like to find out more about this artist visit his website where you can also get yourself a copy of this album

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