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Dave Foley
Holy Moley It's Dave Foley

Review by William Bolton

     I had the pleasure of seeing this band perform live as they opened for Tanya Tucker at Indian Ranch in Webster, Massachusetts. They give an extremely high energy performance of their "Traditional American Roots Music" (honky-tonk/rockabilly/bluegrass/old-time country/beer drinkin country music!).

     Holy Moley It's Dave Foley is Dave's sophomore album. This eleven track cd is packed with a terrific collection of the aforementioned genre of music and is definitely a must have for fans of those styles.

     Interestingly this album was recorded with members of the George Jones' band, The Jones Boys. Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing them would tell you that they are an entity onto themselves and worth checking out.
     If you would like to purchase this album or find out more about them go to their website . Try to catch them on tour if you can. I love this band!!!

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