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Ricky Lynn Gregg
Careful What You Wish For

Review by Gina Berryman

      Ricky Lynn Gregg has stepped back into the limelight of Country Music with a vengeance. He was one of the very first artists to sign with independent record label RMG (Row Music Group) headed by George Collier. Gregg’s first album for RMG is sure to be a crowd pleaser with something for every country music lover. The album is titled “Careful What You Wish For” and the signature song of the same name is the first single off the album.

      Where do I start in reviewing this CD? Let’s just start with the first song and work our way to the tenth one! The first song is “I Wanna Be Loved By You” a song about wanting so much out of life, but nothing more important than having love returned from the one you love. On to the second one, “Victoria’s Secret”, this is such a lovely song about the inner beauty of a woman. No matter what she looks like on the outside, what she wears or how she does her makeup or hair, if she has inner peace and strength, her true beauty shines through. Third up, we have “Penny”. This one is a song that has such a deep meaning behind it, it can be taken as a woman struggling with life, but it is in fact about LIFE itself. This is a song that will take much listening to truly grasp. Everyone will find meaning in it for their own situation. The fourth song is titled “Can’t Do A Thing About You”. The title is a good description of the song in that it’s a man saying he has his life under control except his emotions and actions towards the woman he loves, is addicted to, sometimes despises and still goes back to. “Don’t Call Home” is the fifth song and is a soul searching testament to having loved, built a life and a family. Then losing all that, managing to struggle through the phases of acceptance and renewal of life after the love is over. Sixth on the list is “Jeans”which in my opinion, has to be one of the most spirited honky-tonk songs around these days. He’s tired when he comes home from work and she wants to go out, dressed in her “heart stopping, leg pumping, baby take me honky tonking jeans”. “One” is the seventh song, and it is sure to become a wedding ballad, a touching song about life’s one true love. Love that is a constant and abiding presence. Number eight is, “Let The Guitar Do The Talkin’ “ a classic Ricky Lynn Gregg style song, with lots of guitar work in it. As anyone who has followed his career knows, his guitar definitely can talk for him and this is a song that only proves that point once again. Ninth and next to the last is “Tornado” a story of a woman looking for the man who has done her wrong. It’s a cute, silly song that describes the woman finding out her man is cheating on her while getting her hair done at the beauty shop and she immediately ‘hauls’ it out of there to find him. Lastly and fittingly saved for the end, is the signature song, “Careful What You Wish For”. This is a song with such a positive note for all of us. Life is good and can always change for the better, but it's not guaranteed to, so as the song says, just be CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

Executive Producer: Bill Todd
Producers: Barry Beckett, Eddie Gore and Ricky Lynn Gregg.

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