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Anita Cochran
Back To You

Review By CCC Staff Writer

Recently I was browsing though a music store looking for some country music that I had never heard before. An album called “Back To You” by Warner Bros. Recording artist Anita Cochran caught my eye so I decided to buy it. On the way home I listened to it and before the first song was finished I realized I was listening to one of the greatest country singer songwriters and guitarist of all time. Anita writes and sings from the heart and all the songs on this album are very good I enjoyed them all and that is rare for any album no matter what the genre.

One of the things the most impressed me about “Back To You” is the fact that Anita Cochran penned eight of the ten songs on the album. Anita is the total package when it comes to a great country voice, song writing skill and instrumental skill and yes she is beautiful too. In an industry where most country singers rely on song writers it is nice to see there are some artist that can still write, sing and play there own music. There is also a duet on the album with Steve Wariner called “What If I Said" this song was Anita`s first number one hit. I give this album my highest recommendation you will not be disappointed.

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