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Andy Scheinman
"Make Amends"

Review By William Bolton

Singer / songwriter Andy Scheinman is definitely not your main-stream pop / country artist, but with a little exposure he should have no trouble developing a solid fan base. Some of this needed exposure may be on it's way as a video is being released for his single "Slow Down" and may soon see some airtime on C.M.T. "Slow Down is the number one track on his 1999 Tangible-Music release "Make Amends".
Andy's country / folk style music speaks of real life, the good and the bad and ranges from toe-tapping "Texas Traveling Hero" to slow teary-eyed "Conversation" and at times even offers advice about all of this, rather than just crying or laughing about it "Slow Down".
Andy's stories are complimented wonderfully by the instrumentals of the multi-talented Tommy Spurlock who plays guitars, mandolin, pedal steel, dobro, lap steel and bass (and if thatís not enough he produced the album too) as well as a list of other musicians who played on one or more of the tracks and or contributed background vocals.
If you're looking for something that's not main stream but still has a comfortable familiarity to it you should check this out.

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